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3k Mold (ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd

plastic injection mold

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3K Mold (Shenzhen)Co.,Limited is a professional manufacturing for plastic injection tool.
Our service:
 Engineering solution service
 Mold-building for conventional and double-shot tools
 Injection molding for conventional and double-shot parts
Business range:
 Automotive industry
 Home appliance
 Engineering team with MPI, UG, Pro/E.
 Mold size up to 8 tons (W*H*T=1200*1200*1000 mm)
 30 sets of new molds per month with 85 employees
If you need any service from us, please contact me at eileen.luo@3k-mold.com & Eileen.luo@yinengmould.com, pleasure to help.
The company's Web:http://www.3k-mold.com [Details]